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Hosted Services

Our Hosted Business model is applicable for companies that want to own our software but outsource certain parts of the business and/or technical operations. They prefer our hosted business model for the following reasons:

  •  The need to own and therefore have the right to customize the application to fit unique business processes that are critical to the company’s competitiveness and
  •  The company has scarce IT and/or business resources to manage operations and processes

Our proven proprietary “Layered Technology” with its inherent multi-tenancy, power processing, and ease of configuration capabilities and benefits enable our hosted business model customers to place multiple business units and geographical business entities on one single instance, which greatly reduces the overall cost of hosted ownership.

In this model, we install the software at our facility and assist with all phases of its implementation like:

  • Planning & Analysis
  • Design
  • Build/Configure
  • Deliver and
  • Operate

Once operational, the company has two choices: that is, We hand over the keys to the customer to operate the business processes while we operate the technical infrastructure;or alternatively, the customer utilizes our services for transaction processing and for handling any business processing work that the customer may want to outsource.