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BPI GTN Revenue Recognition (BPI R2™)

In today’s evolving business environment, organizations are met with many challenges and obstacles when managing the revenue lifecycle. With additional regulatory mandates, increased scrutiny on financial statements and growing market competition, companies must ensure compliance as they develop new business and contracting strategies. The need to reduce revenue leakage, maximize profit and gain competitive advantages has never been greater, underscoring the desires of organizations to have proactive tools to assist in meeting these challenges.

Whether you are addressing government regulations, market changes or deploying new strategies, you must know the impact associated with key business decisions. Identifying the impact of these decisions prior to execution is critical to mitigating risks and understanding the downstream effect on revenue, profitability and competitive advantages. The ability to forecast results and understand the impact of specific actions is essential to constructing the proper operational, financial and strategic plans to ensure your organization is making the correct business decisions to maximize profit and maintain regulatory compliance.