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3PL Services

Our 3rd Party Services Business model is applicable for companies that do not want to own our software but want to subscribe to services. They prefer our 3rd Party Services business model for the following reasons:

  •  The need to reduce cost on non-strategic processes where the company has no competitive advantage and
  •  The company has scarce IT and/or business resources to manage operations and processes

Our proven proprietary “Layered Technology” with its inherent multi-tenancy, power processing, and ease of configuration capabilities and benefits enable us to provide a perfect single instance environment allowing 3PS’ to pass significant services and savings to our customers while providing optimum security of customer data and other intellectual property.

Under this business model, the company subscribes to services from a 3rd Party Service provider that uses our engine. Examples of such providers include IMS Health and AmerisourceBergen ICS. We and/or the 3rd Party Provider handle all phases of implementation like:

  • Planning & Analysis
  • Design
  • Build/Configure
  • Deliver and
  • Operate

The implementation phase is typically much shorter and faster than an ‘Enterprise model’ as there is little customization. Once operational, companies simply pay a subscription fee to our 3rd Party Services (3PS) provider. In return, we manage the technical and business processes as well as provide subject matter expertise (SME).