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e-Procurement & Tendering

Our e-Procurement system helps the government in its business deals with suppliers by managing all transactions between them electronically. These transactions may include bids, management of correspondence, previous pricing and emails sent to suppliers. Our e-Procurement system in the agriculture sector offers services like e-Tendering, e-Auctions, e-Payment, Contract Management and Catalogue Management. It also acts as the liaison between the government and farmers, vendors, bidders and distributors. The portal provides information on prices of commodities, promotion of seeds, agri-schemes, wholesale markets, loans for farmers, weather forecast and contract farming. Our e-Procurement system has built in tools to check costs and supplier performance. It provides a platform for the exchange of information between the government and the suppliers in a business deal. The system allows the government to confirm pricing, watch previous agreements on a business deal to ensure that each new price quoted is more competitive than the last.

e-Procurement software

Our e-Procurement software manages a business deal by tracking and documenting the entire purchase process thereby eliminating the existing paper trail and moves all the records online. This enables the user to have an idea about price quotations in the past, the quality of the provided service and purchased product, the financial status of the supplier, vendor management and other procurement information.This improves the communication with suppliers thereby providing access to the latest information anytime of the day.

  •  Our e-Procurement software maintains templates that make all transactions standardised and traceable. It maintains all the files and documents in an orderly fashion with time stamps, this feature aids the user in decision making. The user can track all their bids and update their knowledge to obtain better pricing.
  •  Our software enables the government to be aware of product numbers, contact points and bid prices at a single click that helps to close a deal successfully than its competitors who struggle to collate even relevant data.
  •  Our secure e-Procurement system permits/restricts access at different levels to safeguard the data.
  •  Finally our software systems are easy to learn since they follow simple and standardized designs.