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BPI Revenue Management(BPI RM™)

BPI Revenue Management (BPI RM) product is being used by over 100 lifescience manufacturers, distributors/ wholesalers, and GPOs.  This product, due to BPI’s underlying true multitenant technology, is offered in four business modes: On-premise, Hosted, SaaS, and via a BPI 3rd Party Services Provider, giving users the flexibility to mix and match RM functionality even in hybrid business modes.  Scalable to meet the demands of any size lifesciences business, BPI RM with over 20 business modules meets all commercial and government business requirements

BPI Revenue Management (BPI RM) provides an end-to-end solution for revenue and contract management including control of pricing, compliance, chargebacks, rebates, admin fees and membership. It is the only software that offers a solution for distributors, GPO’s and manufacturers. BPI Revenue Management (BPI RM) ensures regulatory compliance and eliminates the revenue leakage that can cost life science companies millions per year.