Sysbiz Technologies | BPI Leads the Industry’s Charge on Gross-to-Net (GTN)
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BPI Leads the Industry’s Charge on Gross-to-Net (GTN)

After three years of co-development with a leading life science company and one full year since going live, BPI’s GTN Revenue Recognition (BPI GTN R2) product is the only solution of its kind. This product fills a mission critical need of the industry to manage, forecast, accrue and true-up unlimited sales deductions from gross to net pricing . BPI will be participating at CBI’s Gross-To-Net Summit in Philadelphia, November 16th, presenting the results of an initial Gross-To-Net Industry Survey along with the results of its GTN implementation with a major life science global company. At this event, BPI will announce the founding of a Gross-To-Net (GTN) Industry Group chartered to advance best GTN practices.

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